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  Week 43, 2015 – Winning Video  

Ariel Finberg – ACTIVEON Free Diving

We went over to the West Side today, the water is usually very clear but we weren’t expecting it to be this good!
The water was around 85º at 9am and the marine life was out looking for breakfast.
We were able to hangout with some turtles and fish all while taking a much needed dip in the ocean after all these rains.
The camera did great, we reached depths of 40 feet and the case didn’t leak at all.
It was my first time using ActiveOn and I was impressed by the quality of the video.
The quality also retained most of it’s properties in the color grading process – I was excited to see how this turned out!

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Previous Winners

Week 39, 2015 – Winning Video

Jon Garrison – Running with the Bulls!!

This summer my wife and I ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain!
Please enjoy this short collection of our video footage, all captured on our ActiveOn Action Camera!

Week 38, 2015 – Winning Video

Andy Boyer – LOTOJA 2015

Bike Race Video

Week 37, 2015 – Winning Video

Patrick Nilsson – Grand Canyon

Took my fiance to the Grand Canyon for her birthday by helicopter.
The footage came out so clear and perfect, very happy. Shot in 1080p 60fp.

Week 34, 2015 – Winning Video

Joel Anderson – RC Flying at Squaw Peak

I strapped a an Activeon DX camera to my remote controlled airplane to capture the beautiful views of Utah Valley.

Week 33, 2015 – Winning Video

Luke Kim – Keeping It Cool In The Pool

Splashing good times!

Week 32, 2015 – Winning Video

Sam Merritt – ActiveOn Summer Road Trip

This isn’t a video that was hastily thrown together. It was compiled after driving through a very long distance. We went on the road with ActiveOn’s versatile action camera, taking a close family road trip from the Pacific Northwest to the High Desert’s of Arizona. A total of 1,890 miles were traveled and documented as we took the road less traveled and a trip of a lifetime. We appreciate you taking the time to view our submission!

Week 31, 2015 – Winning Video

Austin Anderson – Beach Day in San Diego

Enjoying a day at the beach with family and friends, catching some waves on a bodyboard.

Week 29, 2015 – Winning Video

Haylee Tyler – Adventure Time

Me time with the ACTIVEON DX.

Week 28, 2015 – Winning Video

Cindy Boyer – Boyer Bay Day!

Celebrating our FREEDOM TO HAVE FUN!

Week 27, 2015 – Winning Video

Abraham Pack – Ragnar Relay Race

200 mile relay race from Logan, UT to Park City, UT with 12 people on my team. We ran 200 miles together in 33 hours.

Week 26, 2015 – Winning Video

Abraham Pack – Ragnar Relay Race

200 mile relay race from Logan, UT to Park City, UT with 12 people on my team. We ran 200 miles together in 33 hours.

Week 25, 2015 – Winning Video

Ryan Moffitt – Water Park

Water Park fun with the cousins!

Week 24, 2015 – Winning Video

Austin Pollock – Boating fun on the lake!

Enjoying a beautiful summer day, with some good old fashion boating fun!

Week 23, 2015 – Winning Video

Sierra Case – Backyard Summer Fun

First swim of the summer, many more to come!
It was fun to capture all the kids and myself swimming and splashing around in the pool.
The kids loved how they could be filmed underwater, and I love how clear the picture and videos came out!
I got to play around, and use the Aqua effect underwater.. So cool!

Week 22, 2015 – Winning Video

Liza Peralta – Memorial Day Adventure

Myself and friends hiking up a mountain here in San Diego on Memorial day weekend.
Showing our respects to the many who have fallen for our country.

Week 21, 2015 – Winning Video

Alan Chung – MT Biking Adventure

One of my favorite hobbies and activities is mountain biking as I view it as a way to get away from the city
and a healthy solution to clearing my mind. The fresh air, breathtaking views, and the intense workout motivates me to share what I experience when mountain biking with you guys at home.
The ACTIVEON DX camera has given me numerous opportunities to film and with its 1080p video capabilities and portable size, it is perfect for outdoor use.
I can’t wait to use this action camera on future trips and adventures as I am certain this camera will never let me down.

Week 20, 2015 – Winning Video

Maria Carlin – Mikey at the Nature Center

My sweet Mikey seeing the Animals and getting excited!

Julio Robles – Nature Walk

Walking through city Marshes on a May Afternoon.

Week 18, 2015 – Winning Video

Catherine Tyler – Activeon DX playing in water

A little fun in the water with Activeon DX.Try not to get soaked while watching….Enjoy.

Week 16, 2015 – Winning Video

Kelly Holladay – Easter Bunny Delivers

I thought I’d make a fun video for my kids of the Easter Bunny hitting the single track to delivery their candy. They loved it and I thought you might too!

Week 14, 2015 – Winning Video

Alexis Robles – The Sneaky Drummer

Greetings! My name is Alexis and I’ve been playing the drums now for over 15 years. I came across your camera at the store and knew it would be perfect for filming some great drum footage. The video I have submitted is just a taste of what I plan to film in the future. This video was filmed in my home town of Chula Vista at a park I’ve been going to since I was a child. This video captures a little bit of what I love about life: Sunshine, the ocean breeze, my home town and of course….DRUMMING! I hope you guys enjoy this video and thanks for the opportunity to share it!

Week 08, 2015 – Winning Video

Taylor Fischer – ActiveOn Hawaii

My friends and I enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer while attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In our free time we are avid hikers, cliff jumpers, divers and all-around outdoorsmen. We use ActiveOn because if we want footage from a hike or a diving trip, we need a versatile camera at the same time powerful enough to capture everything we want it to, utilizing slow motion. This camera has helped us a lot because, as you’ll see it sink 30ft to the bottom of a local cliff diving spot, the camera proves bullet proof and that’s exactly what we are looking for.

Week 04, 2015 – Winning Video

Jack Tyler – Cheetah Hunt back row POV

Filmed with an Activeon DX and a small handheld tripod.
Cheetah Hunt is a magnetic launch coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Week 01, 2015 – Winning Video

Giancarlo Dongo – Winter in California

Filmed with an Activeon LX
Music: Wonder Woman – The Shyfox