EV means brightness. An action camera sometimes produces brightness that is darker or lighter than the actual conditions.
The CX Gold produces the accurate lighting to represent the real brightness of your current environment.
The CX Gold gives you the ability to record the video quality you desire no matter what the condition.


ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light.
The lower the ISO number the less sensitive it is to light. A higher ISO number increases the sensitivity of your camera to light.
The CX Gold provides the ability to adjust your ISO setting between 100 and 1600.
Shoot high quality vivid images even in dark environments.

White Balance

An image may look warmer or colder depending on the light source and shooting environment,
The CX Gold provides the ability to adjust the white balance for a correct color representation.
Easily match the color even when shooting with multiple cameras.

AE Meter

AE Meter represents the measurement of the amount of light given the appropriate exposure.
The CX Gold provides three modes: The Normal Photometric method that measures the amount of
light to fill the entire screen; the Center Photometric method for shooting subjects and people in the
center of the screen and the Spot Photometric method for brighter and darker videos in actual situations.

Filter & Effect

The ACTIVEON CX Gold supports various color filters (Black & White, Sepia, Vintage,
Warm and Negative). Users can select the filter to suit their specific preference.
All ACTIVEON action cameras have Wi-Fi which allows you to immediately share your videos on your smartphone without
editing directly to your social media sites!