Elegant, yet simple to use

Our imagination has developed a revolutionary concept
that is truly versatile and functional

4K Recording

The ACTIVEON Solar X action camera records your
imagination in crystal clear 4K resolution.
4K is twice the resolution of a standard
Full HD camera.

2.0″Built – in Touch Screen

Our built-in touch screen provides users convenient control of the Solar X camera.
The ACTIVEON Solar X utilizes our easy to use User Interface (UI).

Just Set Up and Forget

Connect your camera to the Internet and your
pictures and video will automatically upload
and be stored in the ACTIVEON Cloud.

The ACTIVEON X Station was designed to keep your camera recording no matter where you are.
Our sophisticated and easy to use solar panel can charge your camera
wherever you are so you never have to miss a moment.

Burst Speed Charging

Spend less time waiting for a charge and
more time doing what you love. The
ACTIVEON Solar X takes only 30 minutes
to charge your camera to 70% capacity by
utilizing our Burst Speed Charging technology.