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Experience Extreme Performance with Advanced Components and Powerful Software

  • Full HD 1080P 60fps Resolution
  • 16Mega Pixel CMOS Image sensor
  • F/2.4 Ultra wide angle lens
  • Built-in 2″ LCD Touch Panel
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Battery Capacity : 1100mAh / Max.120mins
  • Quick Charging
  • Digital Image Stabilizer
  • Waterproof Housing
  • Live View through Smart phone

Product Description

Burst Speed Charging

Spend less time waiting for a charge and more time doing what you love.

The ACTIVEON Solar X takes only 30minutes to charge your camera to 70% capacity by utilizing our Burst Speed Charging technology.

Elegant and Simple to use

The ACTIVEON CX Gold supports 4 FOV options.

To reduce that fish eye effect you can set the FOV to medium or narrow.

The CX Gold provides you the ability to select the correct FOV to customize it to your situation or preference.

2.0″Built – in Touch Screen

Our built-in touch screen provides users convenient control of the Solar X camera.

The ACTIVEON Solar X utilizes our easy to use User Interface (UI).

Share your content instantly on social media

You can fully control your CX Gold camera with the ACTIVEON APP.
Easily connect your CX Gold camera to the ACTIVEON APP and record video
remotely from your smart phone. Quickly transfer your video from your
camera to your smart phone to share on your social media accounts.
(Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

Charge your
Solar Station

The Solar STATION was designed to keep your camera
recording no matter where you are. Our sophisticated
and easy to use solar panel can charge your camera
wherever you are so you never have to miss a moment.

Solar Station
User Guide

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Additional information

Weight 1059 g
Dimensions 94 x 173 x 74.5 mm